Ana Rosa Quintana reveals what many suspected about Rocío Flores

Everyone talks about the interview that Olga Moreno gave to Anna Quintana just a few days ago. Since the presenter returned to the set in which she has lived so many moments, she has not stopped making headlines. Antonio David's ex left no one indifferent after his interview with Ana Rosa Quintana and, now, his words have been corroborated by the journalist's right hand.

One of the most controversial topics and the one about which there was more expectation was Olga's relationship with dew flowers. The "influencer" surprised everyone this summer when she uploaded a snapshot with Olga and thus hinted that she had resumed contact.

However, the winner of survivors 2021 has also been very forceful with Rocío in the interview with Anna Quintana. Olga Moreno wanted to make it clear once and for all how it is dew flowers. me Joaquin Prat He has not hesitated to comment on the words of the designer.

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  1. The true personality of Rocío Flores revealed
  2. Joaquín Prat talks about Rocío Flores

The true personality of Rocío Flores revealed

Although in recent months dew flowers He has been fully in the media spotlight, the truth is that there has been much speculation about his character. The 'influencer' has many detractors who always accuse her of hiding her personality.

Therefore, Olga's incendiary statements on this matter will have been once very unexpected: «Our relationship is not at the best time, but it is not the first time that Rocío has been angry with me, it is difficult for her to digest things. I know that everything will work out. When there is affection, everything is fixed", Olga commented to Anna Quintana During the Interview.

In this way, Antonio David's ex implied that the girl was not very understanding. In fact, that shadow has always surrounded the figure of Rociíto's daughter.

As expected, the interview will have consequences and, this Tuesday, the right hand ofAnna Quintana, Joaquin Prat, wanted to give his opinion. The presenter has been very close to Flores in recent months, since she was one of his regular collaborators. It seems that he also shares Olga's perception.

Joaquín Prat talks about Rocío Flores

The presenter did not hesitate to praise Moreno's attitude and took the opportunity to highlight his words: «Olga is conciliatory, kind and understanding, but she cannot prevent us from thinking that dew flowers He has a difficult character, ”said Prat. In fact, this difficult character has always been suspected as a characteristic of Rocío's personality. And now that someone so close to her has confirmed it, there is no doubt that everything can take on another perspective.

The presenter also spoke about the possible animosity of the 'influencer' with Olga after confirming the romance with Agustín Etienne: «Rocío is upset that Olga rebuilds her life with a person so close to her. We have all seen how Agustín has taken care of her, how she has prevented her from getting into more controversies. How many times has Rocío said that Olga was her second mother? And she can't see her happy? », He sentenced.

There is no doubt that the return ofAnna Quintana has turned the history of the Flores-Moreno family on its head. Despite the fact that Antonio David's daughter is now away from the program, everything indicates that the media commotion is not over yet.

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