Ana Rosa Quintana demonstrates her power and cuts off the relationship

Anna Quintana controls everything that happens in your program. A few days ago he rejoined the format after almost a year off. It seemed that everything was the same as when she left, but in reality she found herself with several changes after doing without a partner.

A few weeks ago it was known that dew flowers I would not continue collaborating in the morning magazine of Telecinco. Apparently, different strongmen argued that it was due to economic differences. Rociíto's daughter wanted him to pay her more money, but the producer refused to accept her conditions. Behind this decision was Ana Rosa, who controls everything that happens in her space. She was not willing to accept the conditions that she wanted to impose. Among other things, she also wanted to restrict the topics that affected her family.

At the moment, neither of the two parties has commented on this possible termination of the relationship. When the young woman asked about it, she has always responded with silence and a smile, as usual. Possibly, she trusts that the link with the program will be resumed, but at the moment there have been no movements by the producer.

Image of Ana Rosa Quintana presenting her program on the day of her return

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A few days ago, some statements from a collaborator hinted that Rocío was part of the past. In the gathering of the heart of the morning space of Mediaset They addressed the 26th anniversary of the young woman. She did it in the company of her father and Marta Riesco, but there was no trace of Olga Moreno. Neither was Agustín Etienne present, the man with whom the businesswoman has begun an affair, and who also acts as a representative. This caused speculation about the possibility of her breaking off her relationship with her manager. The collaborators of this section, such as Sandra Aladro, Bibiana Fernández or Paloma Barrientos, debated about it.

Anna Quintana He never ruled on the renewal of Antonio David's daughter. She possibly had bigger worries in the last few weeks. What she was clear about was that she was not willing to make a large outlay to keep her on the team.

Joaquin Prat gave way to a video in which the reporter asked Rocío if she had broken her professional commitments with Agustín Etienne. She just kept quiet and smiled. The journalist kept insisting. He reminded her that both she and her father had also unfollowed the rep on social media. She wanted to know if they had ended well or if they still had some kind of working relationship. The young woman replied that "I am not going to answer, for now this is my position."

Photo by Rocio Flores

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The tertulianos of the format understood that Agustín's love story with Olga had not pleased them at all. Sandra Aladro confirmed that David's sister "a few days ago decided to end" that professional commitment.

Ana Rosa Quintana prefers to remain silent

Anna Quintana She has always been very discreet and understanding with all the people who have collaborated. For this reason, no type of evaluation will appear on dew flowers nor will it confirm the breakup of the relationship.

However, the opinion of the collaborator Bibiana Fernández reveals many things. "She has been our partner, we have seen her here with Agustí many mornings and they had a great relationship," she said. She went on to explain that "if they had a great relationship and now they don't, it's crystal clear."

By the way he expressed himself, he referred to her as part of the past. Therefore, his collaborations with the space can be terminated despite the fact that the main interested party denied it on her day. She tried to deny the news that various media had spread. Anna Quintana he is not willing to give in for her. She considers that the interventions do not deserve more than the €1,000 they paid her.

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