Amaia Montero talks about her first child and explains why she is so afraid

Amaia Montero has once again become the center of all eyes. After the great stir caused by her last publication ofInstagram, statements by the artist talking about his first child have come to light. After several months away from the media spotlight, Amaia has returned to our lives with a somewhat worrying image.

This Saturday, October 15, Amaia Montero left all the followers ofInstagram with his mouth open after sharing with them a very revealing image. We can see the artist standing before her mobile phone camera with disheveled hair and without a drop of makeup, but the most surprising thing about the snapshot was the singer's face.

Many believe that Amaia Montero is not going through her best moment. "If hope is the last thing that dies and I haven't lost it yet, what use is life to me?", the Basque has written in the comments of the publication.

Photo by Amaia Montero.


But this is not the first time that the artist has alerted his followers. In mid-2020, the singer decided to stay away from social networks after confessing that she was not having a good time, psychologically speaking. “I have suffered a lot. Now I just need to heal myself and compose my new album calmly and without pressure”, assured Amaia Montero on that occasion.

Now, and after all the rumors that have been generated in relation to her state of health, this well-known artist has wanted to talk about one of the pimples that have been stuck in her heart: motherhood.

Amaia Montero confesses her great fear

Amaia Montero has had no problem talking about one of the dreams that she has not been able to carry out in her life. She loves, although she has always wanted to have a baby, until now she has not had a chance.

In an interview he gave in 2019 for the Argentine media infobae, The singer spoke about some of the most intimate aspects of her life. «The crisis of the 40 I have passed. There are people who don't, but I do and I passed it. It affects me, but it is also positive because once you pass it you realize that you are young, but that you really know much more than before.

Photo by Amaia Montero

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Amaia Montero took advantage of the occasion to make a confession that, until now, she had never shared. The artist assured that she, despite not having luck in love and her busy life, had always wanted to be a mother. "I want to be my mother, but I haven't found the time. Until now », she assured before that international media outlet. "It's hard to find a partner nowadays. I am always traveling from one place to another. If I go on tour it's as if I went to work with him... I don't like this. I have my life, let's say I'm independent », he then pointed out.

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And, although until that moment she had not been able to find the love of her life, Amaia Montero made it very clear that previous relationships had not worked for different reasons, but never due to infidelity. "The people I've been with have been absolutely loyal and I have many exes that I'm close friends with," she confirmed, making it very clear that she has never doubted her boys, including television presenter Gonzalo I look.

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