Altuna III-Martija have no blind spots and take advantage in the Couples semifinals

Jokin Altuna and Julen Martija They wear a smile from ear to ear. It is not for less. Installed in victory, everything is easier, more beautiful. In those moments, one looks in the mirror and sees oneself taller, more attractive, more brilliant.

The dynamics of the amezketarra and the Etxeberri is tremendous. Even more so if it is noted that it is the final stretch of the Couples Championship, when the entrance tickets begin to be distributed on Wikipedia. They dance on the edge of a glass. Coin flip and… Bingo! Expensive!

They accumulate six consecutive wins. Five in the final stretch of the second round –just when the beans are played– and this Sunday in the Biscay pediment in Bilbao, who opens his locker in the semi-final league. That is, when the road gets steep, they enjoy the tailwind. Launched. They are closer to the end.


Altuna III predicted what Daniel Elezkano and Jose Javier Zabaleta they were going to get into serious trouble and the truth is that the blue domain, not too deep, has only lasted half the pit. The one from Zaratamo, more incisive in the first goals, and the one from Etxarren, huge up to ten equal, have been seen overtaken by adversaries with clear ideas.

The Amezketarra, in vein, has exposed his usual fang, but also a right underhand that is worthy of mention. And the fact is that, if the execution shines, the elaboration of the Gipuzkoan deserves a separate chapter.

Martijameanwhile, has touched perfection. Name that rises to the nth power given the size of the opponent in long frames. In fact, the 2020 champion, superb, has not wrinkled and has sought the basement in José Javier’s most powerful balls. He has finished four goals – including the one that ended the hostilities – and has made only one mistake.

Altuna III and Martija have no cracks: they resist, they hit, they cover, they make a couple, they finish. In short: they add up. It consists of that. Beware of Aspe.


All in all, Elezcano II has been the protagonist of the uncorking. Aggressive, he has asked for the camera shot. The blues have advanced 0-4. I have answered Altuna III with the same weapons. In a flash. She has embraced the kick-off. It is to play. Jokin is confident. Cool. Sharpen the scalpel again.

Four, five, eight, nine, ten, twelve and thirteen have been matched on the card. Zabaleta has dazzled with five right hands that dismantled Martija. But the one from Etxeberri does not give up. Never.

As a result of the thirteen equals, the colorados have requested their slice. Julen nailed a right hand behind, Altuna III snacked on a hook and a save, Danel missed a shot, Martija ran over Zabaleta –after a feint by Altuna III that was half a goal– and Elezkano II made a defensive error . 19-13. Lots of distance. The blues have tried to wake up and the Biscayan has sought to reactivate himself based on shots. It was late. It was makeup. Your rivals have no blind spots.


Altuna III-Martija will play against Irribarria-Rezusta on Saturday at the Iruñea Labrit. The confrontation can give the direct ticket to the final scheduled for the April 3 at the Bizkaia fronton in Bilbao.

Elezcano II-Zabaleta, for their part, they will fight with Laso-Imaz on Sunday at the Astelena pediment in Eibar. Victory is almost an obligation.

Victory for Zabala-Oier Etxebarria in a battle of 1,294 balls

  • Javier Zabala and Oier Etxebarria They have achieved this Sunday the ticket to the semifinals of the Promotion Couples Championship at the Bilbao Bizkaia fronton after beating Iraitz Zubizarreta and Iosu Eskiroz by 22-21 in an agonizing play-off in which nothing more and nothing less than 1,294 pitches in 121 minutes of play. It was a tremendously hard and fought game, one of those that last in the memory of the fan. Urkuzu’s defender, who has ended up with cramps in the calf of his right leg, has been superb in his field, finishing six goals and without errors. Opposite, Zubizarreta III has finished 17 goals in play. An atrocity. Thus, those from Baiko Pilota have raised a 21-18 to die on the shore. A drop left at the tip of Makirriain’s defender has made it 21 equal. The clash was resolved by a close right hand from the Biscayan bodyguard that Eskiroz was unable to carry. They play the pass to the final against Salaberria-Erostarbe on Friday 18 in Ataun.

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