Agricultural strike in Navarra: “We young people are uncertain about the future of the sector”

Dozens of farmers and ranchers have arrived in Pamplona on tractors from their villages. Among these professionals was Estíbaliz Urdangarain, 23 years old and a native of Artazcoz, who combines tasks in the field with her work as a social educator. “We young people feel uncertainty about the future of the field,” she said. She also wanted to value the role of women in the primary sector.

Estíbaliz got up at 7:00 am and took the tractor to participate in the protest.

Estíbaliz Urdangarain

Like her, the young cereal farmer Iñaki Ciriza, 21 years old and affiliated with UAGN, has also moved from Astrain. He represents the third generation of a family dedicated to agriculture. “It’s not easy to start in this profession if you don’t have the support of coming from a family dedicated to this activity,” he acknowledged. He has also denounced the continued increase in production costs such as fuel, fertilizers or fertilizers.

The brothers Sergio and Ramón Iriarte, 45 and 37 years old, have come from Urroz. Both from the EHNE union cultivate land and have sheep and cattle. “The sector is in a bad situation. Prices are unbalanced between what we have to pay and what we receive,” stressed Sergio, who was accompanied by his son Ibai, who carried the union flag.

Inaki Ciriza

It is not the first time that the two brothers have participated in a tractor-trailer. “We all have to be together to ensure the future of the sector and the generational change,” said Ramón.

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