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diaridevic from May 1, 1930, to October 5, 1934.

Founded and directed until November 1932 by Francesc Maria Masferrer I Vernis, it was the first daily newspaper in Vic and Osona. It dealt with both county and local and general issues and was always written in Catalan. Close to Acció Catalana, it remained equidistant from both the hegemonic traditionalism in the region and the more left-wing currents. From 1934 onwards, the influence of the Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya was decisive. His regular collaborators were Pere Vinyoles, Roser Claveria and Josep M. Lladó, among others, and more sporadically, Carles Capdevila i Recasens, Manuel Serra i Moret, Manuel Carrasco i Formiguera, etc.

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