A sustainable rural house at the foot of the Sierra de Lokiz

at the foot of the Sierra of Lokizin a privileged rural environment, somewhat unknown and in the center of the triangle formed by Pamplona, ​​Vitoria and Logroño is located the Berrobiaenea Housea rural lodging built for ten years with sustainable materials. Victor Alsasua Egea she met Narcuea small town of just 20 inhabitants, in 2006, when I was taking a route with a friend through the wool valley. It was love at first sight. At first, Víctor thought of buying a property to move to live there and build greenhouses, but that idea was transformed into what is now a rural house that has been included in the Fitur stand.

“They called me from Tierra Estella tourism because they had selected the house for the Fitur stand because it was a sustainable construction“, narrates Víctor. The key to the sustainability of the house is in the materials that were used in its reconstruction. “I used lime instead of cement, steel instead of iron and cork oak, a natural insulator”.

The accommodation opened last year after more than ten years of construction that Víctor was able to carry out thanks to the help of those around him. “When I bought it, I was not very aware of the work involved. It has taken me more than ten years to rehabilitate it practically entirely. I changed the walls, the roof and emptied it completely. The only thing I kept were the centennial beams, because they give it the essence to the house”, narrates Víctor. The design has been a joint work of Víctor, his and Maria Victoria Gambraa neighbor of Narcué and is in charge of receiving guests and making them feel at home.

life for the people

The creation of this lodging was a respite for the inhabitants of Narcué since, as in many Navarran towns, they fear for the depopulation of this valley. “These businesses give life to the town. The more people who come here the better, especially if they have respect for our environment. In this way, the town can prosper,” he says. Jose Miguel Gabiriamayor of Narcué, who confesses that he enjoys showing tourists the wonders of this valley.

Of all the guests who have had the Berrobiaenea Houseremember with special enthusiasm a group of young women who were taught the fireflies. “They had never seen it because they disappeared in Valencia and they were very excited. The same that made me show them to them,” explains José Miguel, who adds that it is a way of exchanging culture and contrasting data with people who come from abroad.

For him and the rest of the inhabitants of Narcué this rural house and the few that exist in the area represent a guarantee for this environment. “Seeing this, they are still opening our eyes to new ways for the people to survive. There are things that until you see them, you don’t consider them. It’s a guarantee. People talk to us about their land.”

The short life of the new Berrobiaenea has already housed families, couples and groups of friends from different communities and they all agree that their greatest virtue is the tranquility that both she and her environment contribute. A place where tourists who fall here can live and live with the surrounding nature and exchange cultures and traditions with the inhabitants of the valley.

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