A security guard was sentenced for stealing money from several ATMs in Navarra

a security guard has been sentenced by a court in Pamplona as the author of a continuing crime of misappropriation for having stolen money from several bank ATMs. He has been sentenced to 23 months in jail and the obligation to pay 1,810 euros in compensation to the company for which he worked.

The accused, AFL, who worked for the Prosegur company since 2017was in charge of going together with a driver and an escort to collect the money from the ATMs of different financial entities and the collection of other business establishments.

at ATMs the only money in sight was that collected in the so-called reject boxa place where banknotes that had not been collected by users, that had not passed the controls to be supplied, credit cards forgotten by a holder or that had not been returned for security reasons were stored.

The defendant, taking advantage of the fact that due to his status as a carrier he had access to money at ATMs, from March 15, 2019 to May 29, 2019 seized various amounts of money. Specifically, the appropriations occurred at ATMs mocked (50 euros), the Navarra University Clinic (640 euros), Olazti (110 euros), mendillori (460 euros), Ubarmin Clinic (420 euros) and Aoiz (130 euros), up to 1,810 euros.


Before the suspected criminal act by the worker, two technicians deposited 480 euros in the rejection box from the ATM located in the Itaroa shopping center. That same day, the defendant seized the money deposited in the rejection box and did not put it in the bag intended for that purpose.

Upon arrival at the Cash Management Department the operators verified that the 480 euros were not in the sealed bag of the cashier, so the manager was notified, who urged the accused to go to a meeting room where other managers of the company and workers were. There he was given an explanation of the reasons for the meeting, and he was urged to return the money and sign his letter of dismissal.

The defendant, who denied the facts at all times and objected to being searched by Prosegur staff, indicated that the bag could be forgotten in the van, something that was verified without results. After several hours of meeting, and when the Civil Guard was being called Given the unsuccessful meeting, the security guard agreed to be frisked.

At that moment, when everyone got up from the chair to go to the room that has cameras where the search would be recorded, the defendant threw the bills from the Itaroa ATM on the groundwhose numbering fully coincided with that of the previously deposited banknotes.

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