6 must-have travel apps to download now

Mobile apps are now fundamental tools for everyday life, in fact they offer very useful services that help simplify everyday life. There are also apps that are essential for traveling, especially useful for holidays, as they allow you to better enjoy your free time and quickly solve various needs. From booking the best restaurants to real-time street maps, some applications are really essential for planning holidays and traveling with peace of mind. Let's discover 6 travel apps to download immediately, to take advantage of new mobile technologies and avoid stress and worries during your well-deserved vacation.

  1. 1. Petrol prices: the app for nearby petrol stations
  2. 2. ViaMichelin app: all the most useful information on the road
  3. 3. TheFork: the app for cheap restaurants and more
  4. 4. Free to X: the Autostrade App for real-time traffic
  5. 5. Lonely Planet App to know what to do on the go
  6. 6. Manage car insurance in a smart way with quixa APP

1. Petrol prices: the app for nearby petrol stations

Due to the rise in the price of petrol and diesel, refueling of cars has become increasingly expensive, an expense that greatly affects the cost of a car trip. However, while it is easy to know which stations have the best prices available in your area, on vacation it is difficult to understand which petrol stations offer the cheapest rates to fill up. Among the best apps to save on fuel there is Petrol Prices, an application for Android and iOS that allows you to view the updated prices of distributors and locate the most advantageous petrol stations directly on the map. In this way it is possible to plan the stops based on the convenience of filling up, while those who drive an electric car can take advantage of the functions of the vehicle's on-board computer to find the nearest charging stations.

2. ViaMichelin app: all the most useful information on the road

One of the most useful applications on the road is the ViaMichelin app, capable of providing a wealth of information to help you organize and manage a holiday well while keeping costs under control. This is a free app without a subscription, so just download it to your smartphone or directly to the car's multimedia infotainment system. The ViaMichelin app allows you to view road maps, plan itineraries and routes, calculate the price of the trip also considering motorway toll booths and use the GPS with voice guidance. In addition, the application allows you to optimize the route based on traffic, discover the best hotels located nearby and the most interesting restaurants in which to stop for a break.

3. TheFork: the app for cheap restaurants and more

Finding a restaurant where you can eat well without spending too much on vacation is not easy, but thanks to TheFork app you can book excellent cheap restaurants without any nasty surprises. It is the official application of TripAdvisor, the leading global review platform with over 19,000 restaurants reviewed in Italy alone. TheFork allows you to easily identify the restaurants that best suit your needs, with the ability to also view online photos and reviews of users, sorting the search results by rating or price. You can also book tables directly from the app to be sure to find a seat, pay the bill securely from your smartphone and get special discounts on numerous restaurants.

4. Free to X: the Autostrade App for real-time traffic

The Autostrade per l'Italia company has developed the Free to X app, an application that simplifies motorway journeys by providing lots of useful information to motorists. The app lets you know where the speed cameras that detect the speed on the highway are, receiving a notification that warns you if you are traveling at a speed exceeding the limits set in that section. With the Free to X app it is possible to find the charging stations of high-power electric cars, locate the nearest service areas and obtain traffic information in real time. The Autostrada per l'Italia app also offers a cashback program, with which to request refunds of up to 100% of the cost of the motorway toll starting from 10 minutes of delay caused by construction sites.

5. Lonely Planet App to know what to do on the go

Lonely Planet is the most popular platform for travel guides, to always know what to do and what places to visit when on vacation. By downloading the Lonely Planet Italia app, you can have many free guides available, with numerous travel tips that allow you to enrich your experiences and better plan your itineraries. An interesting feature is the travel expenses calculator, a tool that allows you to define the budget available for the holiday and understand which activities can be carried out based on how much you are willing to spend. For each city you can also find shops, hotels, bars, restaurants and tourist attractions, to always know what to do at any time of the trip.

6. Manage car insurance in a smart way with quixa APP

An indispensable app when traveling is quixa APP, the official quixa application to manage car insurance in a smart way and take advantage of many additional services. First of all, you can always have the insurance certificate available, consult the policy from your smartphone or show the document if necessary quickly and easily. Furthermore, with the quixa app you can upload documents to purchase a new policy online, renew insurance from your smartphone in a few moments and get a free quote from the app. Through the mobile application it is also possible to request the intervention of the roadside assistance, using geolocation to allow the tow truck to quickly arrive at the place of the breakdown or accident. Through quixa APP it is possible to locate the closest body shops or centers specialized in the repair and replacement of car windows, contact the quixa customer service and report a claim from your smartphone, also attaching photos and documents. Those who have already purchased a car insurance policy with quixa can also benefit from the Out & Safe service, with which they can improve their driving style by measuring journeys with the Eco Score.

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