135 countries condemn the invasion of Russia from Ukraine to the UN General Assembly

It does not have a binding character but the seu political and symbolic weight it is significant 141 countries of the 193 representatives to the General Assembly of the United Nations have approved this quest dimecres a resolution that «cOndemna in the most energetic termes heaggression comesa by the Federation of Russia against Ukraine». Zinc countries hi have voted against (Russia, Belarus, Syria, North Korea and Eritrea) i 35 s’hi have abstingutincloent-hi the Xina.

The vote to the UN, with the veto rus in the Consell de Seguretat divendres will prevent the approval of a similar resolution that would have tingut more pes, points to the creixent diplomatic aïllament of Moscow. This still remains confirmed by the very fact of the holding of the emergency meeting that has ended with this vote, an unusual one to which the General Assembly has only attended on 10 occasions abans, the last four decades, for the ‘Israel’s occupation of the Golan Alts. I have ratified bothapplausethat has returned the result, as well as more rewards than anticipated in diplomatic circles.

the text

The resolution approved by the Assembly not only expresses the strong condemnation, but also demands that the Russian Federation withdrew immediately, completely and unconditionally all the seves military forces dins of the internationally recognized borders of the territory of Ukraine and expresses «greu concern for attack information in civil installations and civilian casualties.”

The text, which has been published in various editions since the original wording, has condemned “the decision of the Russian Federation to increase the level of preparation of the seves nuclear forces”, also «regrets the participation of Belarus in this ús il·lícit de la força contra Ucraïna”, and urges Minsk to comply with the severe international obligations.

An other dels nous paragrafs of the resolution “urges the immediate peaceful resolution of the conflict between the Federation of Russia and Ukraine mitjançant the political dialogue, negotiations, mediation and other peaceful activities».

More than 100 countries have offered speeches in the last three days at the emergency session of the General Assembly and by Tuesday 95 have signed as sponsors of the resolution, including some that have surprised the diplomatic world The UN recognizes the document, with Afghanistan, Burma or Serbia.

Russia has also made several recommendations that have been reflected in the vote and in speeches offered by millions of countries such as Cuba or North Korea, who, with Moscow, criticize the resolution as “unbalanced” and criticize the US and the West for the NATO expansion. We all share the responsibility of the one who is passing to Ukraine”, said the ambassador of Belarus, Valentin Ribakov.

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